Delft3D – User Meeting

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Delft3D User Meeting, on Wednesday 4 November, provides a unique venue for all Delft3D 4 and Delft3D Flexible Mesh users and developers worldwide to present the latest Delft3D applications, new scientific insights in modelling, and the latest open source developments.

This years’ keynote speaker of the Delft3D User Meeting is Ehab Meselhe, Ph.D., P.E, Director of Natural Systems Modeling & Monitoring, The Water Institute of the Gulf, USA.

Ehab Meselhe-300x300Ehab Meselhe, Ph.D., P.E., has more than 20 years of experience researching coastal wetland hydrology, sediment transport, and computer modeling of coastal wetland, estuarine, and riverine systems. He has been heavily involved in large-scale coastal ecosystem restoration programs in south Louisiana and the Florida Everglades.

Dr. Meselhe serves as Louisiana’s technical lead for the Mississippi River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management Study. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Hydrology and participates in steering and organizing committees for national and international conferences.
Prior to joining The Water Institute of the Gulf, Dr. Meselhe directed the Institute of Coastal Ecology and Engineering at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, where he also served as professor for the Department of Civil Engineering.

In his Keynote Lecture at the Delft3D User Meeting on Wednesday, November 4, Dr. Meselhe will describe what he has learned about coastal wetland, estuarine, and riverine systems from Delft3D modeling studies. He will talk about the latest open source advances and will share his ideas for further improvements.

This Keynote will be the start of an open discussion among coastal & river engineers, hydrologists, hydro-morphodynamic & water quality experts, ecologists, and software developers to further collaborate in the development and research of the future of computer modeling of coastal wetland, estuarine, and riverine systems.

Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite 2016

The launch of the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite 2016 worldwide will take place during this year’s Symposium ‘Next Generation Hydro Software (NGHS)’ on Tuesday, 3 November 2015, the day before the Delft3D user meeting. The key component of Delft3D FM is the D-Flow Flexible Mesh (D-Flow FM) engine for hydrodynamical simulations on unstructured grids in 1D-2D-3D. Like Delft3D-FLOW, D-Flow FM is capable of handling curvilinear grids that provide very good performance in terms of computational speed and accuracy. In addition to this, the grid may also consist of triangles, quads, pentagons and hexagons. This provides optimal modelling flexibility and ease in setting up new model grids or modifying existing ones, or locally increasing resolution. Furthermore, designed for policymakers, D-Flow FM is available on a Touch Table for 2D top view and even 3D interactive modelling with all the stakeholders. D-Flow FM is the successor of Delft3D-FLOW and SOBEK-FLOW. It is the result of five years of research funded by Deltares and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

Delft3D FM, Wadden Sea, Netherlands

Delft3D FM, Wadden Sea, Netherlands

In 2013, 2014 and 2015, several Delft3D users worldwide have carried out practical applications with Delft3D FM. The results will be demonstrated during the Symposium ‘Next Generation Hydro Software (NGHS)’ and the Delft3D User Meeting. The Delft3D 4 applications will be presented at the Delft3D User Meeting only.

Note that during the DSD-INT several Delft3D 4 and Delft3D Flexible Mesh related workshops and courses will be organized.

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