Symposium ‘Infrastructure for Water & Energy’


Deltares has organized her R&D activities in 18 portfolios. The portfolio Infrastructure for Water and Energy will present recent results and discuss future challenges in a mini-conference on November 5th during the Delft Software Days. This portfolio addresses water infrastructure for conventional and renewable energy sources. The activities include a wide range of software developments and physical modelling.

The portfolio is shaped around the following observed trends:

  1. Water-related renewable energy constitutes a growing share of the energy mix, such as
  2. Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)
  3. Critical water and energy infrastructures are deteriorating in urbanising deltas at an unknown pace.
  4. The demand for knowledge on failure mechanisms is growing as risk-based design and maintenance are used increasingly.
  5. People demand multifunctionality from water and energy infrastructures.

And around the following global questions:

  1. How can urban environments benefit from integrated renewable thermal energy sources?
  2. What is the potential of the Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) in Europe and worldwide?
  3. What are the effects of failing water infrastructures, such as leaking pipes, on surrounding critical infrastructures?
  4. What is the relation between scale tests and real performance of water pumps and tidal turbines?

Some examples of (research projects) that are currently ongoing, or have been finished recently include:

  • D-SHIT (in co-operation with TU Delft and STW)
    this project aims at gaining fundamental knowledge on the transport characteristics of domestic slurry so as to obtain knowledge with which future wastewater systems can be optimally designed.
  • Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon
    Deltares is involved in some of the fundamental questions regarding the detailed design of the hydropower structures in this project.
    this project investigates the interaction between pipelines and soil.
  • TU Delft Thermal grid
    this projects is a demonstration project for the design, operation and control of several sources of thermal energy.
    Fibre-Optic Monitoring of Energetic performance of underground Thermal Energy Systems.

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13:00 Arrival of participants
13:25 Introduction to R&D track Infra for Water & Energy
13:30 Sensor Technology Applied to Pipeline Infrastructure (STOOP) for early warning and cost-effective asset management – large scale validation tests.
13:45 Software integration for pipelines and underground stresses
14:00 Aquifer Thermal Energy Systems (ATES) – PhD projects on interference and bioremediation opportunities.
14:15 FOME-BES – Fibre-Optic Monitoring of Efficiency of geothermal energy systems
14:30 Advanced control of Smart Thermal Grid – case Campus Delft University, a demonstration project for the transition of a district heating system from gas boiler heating to multiple sustainable sources.
14:45 Break
15:15 Transportability of concentrated domestic slurries – physical and numerical investigations on feasibility of concentrated domestic slurry systems for future sanitation concepts
15:30 Pump performance in unfavourable flow conditions
15:45 Energising Delta – Performance and impact of tidal turbines in storm surge barriers
16:00 Discussion
16:30 Drinks