Symposium ‘Water Quality and Ecological modelling’


How do you track accidental spills from rivers to coastal water? Which measures need to be taken to improve the water quality in the Turkish Buyuk Menderes? Why do we have to take groundwater into account to effectively manage freshwater ecosystems? How do you assess quickly and reliable discharges into different types of surface waters? What are the challenges of monitoring suspended particulate matter in the North Sea and how can water quality models help address these?

The above questions are all being studied using a myriad of ecological and water quality models and have led to new developments, insight and understanding for water management. Quantifying the processes relevant to an aquatic ecosystem can help identify the best way of mitigating potential problems or give support to optimize management strategies.

You are cordially invited to join the Symposium on Water Quality and Ecological Modelling on Monday 2nd of November 2015. During this symposium the latest advances in tools used for water quality and ecological modelling are presented. We will show you their potential for analysing water quality and ecological challenges in both freshwater and salt water systems around the world. The program offers a mix of lectures and hands-on training, all aimed at giving you a good understanding of the practical use of the tools and models.

If you are interested to present a poster,
please submit a short abstract before 12th of October 2015.

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Computed propagation of a contaminant spill in the river Rhine

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