Delft3D 4 – River hydro-morphodynamic modelling


The course gives the participants a general introduction to numerical modeling of river dynamics. The course will cover both the theoretical background of river hydro-morphodynamics and how to apply Delft3D. Through relevant case studies the participants get hands-on experience in the open-source software Delft3D. They will furthermore get an idea of the wide variety of studies Delft3D can be used for, ranging from quick-scan studies to full river-system studies engaging decades of morphological evolution.


Case studies

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of engineering measures using Delft3D
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own cases (please notify us in advance).

Topics covered

  • Theoretical background in river dynamics.
  • Numerical modeling of sediment and morphodynamics in Delft3D.
  • Hands-on training with case studies.
  • Post processing tools
  • Outlook on possibilities with Delft3D including
    • rapid assessment studies
    • evaluating effects of climate change
    • large and complex river systems on a decades timespan
  • Outlook on advanced Delft3D features like
    • graded sediment
    • secondary flow in 3D and quasi 2D
    • dumping and dredging
    • underlayer composition
    • formation of bars


Required knowledge for the course is numerical modeling using Delft3D-FLOW, RGFGRID, QUICKIN and QUICKPLOT. This knowledge is now freely available online at If you require a pre-compiled version of Delft3D 4 for preparation of the course, please contact for the application including a short term license.

The Instructors

Dr. Willem Ottevanger has many years of experience in Delft3D modelling of river dynamics, and has recently completed Ph.D. research on the parameterization of flow and morphology in strongly curved channels.

Dr. Ymkje Huismans has a broad experience in Delft3D modelling of river dynamics, including the Rhine-Meuse Delta, the Romanian Danube and the Tenryuu river in Japan.

Dr. Ir. C.J. Sloff has over twenty years of experience in the morphodynamic modelling of rivers and reservoir sedimentation. Furthermore he is also a lecturer in river morphodynamics at the Technical University of Delft.


Course flyer “Delft3D 4 – River hydro-morphodynamic modelling

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