LOCKFILL – Hydraulic design schipping locks


lockfillIn order to limit the delay for navigation it is important that the operation of a navigation lock progresses within a minimum of time. Lock operation must also be safe from the shipping point of view; this requires that the hydraulic forces on the ship in the lock chamber remain acceptable during operation. The program LOCKFILL is developed by Deltares to provide an easy-to-use calculation for lock design.

The LOCKFILL program simulates the filling and emptying process of a shipping lock. It is suitable for shipping locks with a filling and emptying system in the head of the lock, such as openings in the lock’s gates or short culverts. LOCKFILL computes the water level variation in time as well as the longitudinal force on the vessel, distinguishing forces due to translatory waves, momentum variation, skin friction, the filling jet and density driven current.

In the course the several options within LOCKFILL will be treated, including the force due to density driven flow (not included in the free LOCKFILL version). Through hands-on exercises the participant will get acquainted with the program.

Recently LOCKFILL has been made freely available through our OSS Open Source portal. Course participants are encouraged to download and try this free version.

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