ORCA – Standardizing metocean studies


The design of marine structures (wind parks, platforms, etc.) generally starts with a metocean study to determine the mean, operational and extreme environmental conditions. ORCA, an acronym for metOcean data tRansformation, Classification and Analysis, is Deltares’ in-house toolbox that integrates the main aspects of analyzing metocean data. In the course the main functionalities of the toolbox are addressed through various hands-on exercises.

Deltares developed a method to standardize the execution of metocean studies, by developing guidelines along with a MATLAB based toolbox, called ORCA. The ORCA suite consists out of 4 different toolboxes, where various aspects of the analysis of metocean data are handled, namely:

  • Data validation, procedures necessary for the determination of a “good dataset”.
  • Normal conditions, procedures necessary for the determination of mean climates.
  • Extreme conditions, procedures for extreme value analysis.
  • Sea-state analysis, procedures for sea-state analysis.

In the basic course several functionalities of the Data validation, Normal conditions, Extreme conditions and Sea-state analysis modules are handled. Through various hands-on exercises the trainee will get a good first view on the procedures and products of the ORCA package.

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