SOBEK 3 – Advanced River Modelling


SOBEK 3 Basic Course-200x200

This river modelling course is intended for existing and future SOBEK users. SOBEK 3 is the next generation simulation software package for evaluating and forecasting hydraulic functioning of rivers under different conditions. During the two-day basic course, we will address key functionalities such as: hydraulics, 1D2D, RTC and scripting. Course background

Course background

We will focus on hydraulic and morphodynamic behaviour in rivers. Following an idealised stretch of the Dutch river Waal, we will cover functionalities required in consulting projects. You will learn how to set-up a model from scratch and calibrate the model using OpenDA automatic calibration algorithms. We will simulate a levee overtopping and flooding of the hinterland using a 1D2D coupling. Using the scripting functionality (Python), you will automatically optimize a ‘Room for the River’ intervention to alleviate this problem. Finally, we will assess the long-term effects of the intervention on the river bed morphology. At the end of this intensive course, you have made your own model, applied the advanced functionality of SOBEK 3, which you can use for future reference in your projects.

Aim of the course

In this course participants learn:

  • the possibilities of the new graphical user interface
  • to set-up a 1D model from scratch
  • to apply Real Time Control
  • to expand a model with morphology and 1D-2D
  • to use OpenDA for model calibration
  • to use the scripting funcionality in SOBEK


  • Day 1: Introduction to software and theory, getting used to the interface, setting up of a model and calibration using OpenDA.
  • Day 2: Expansion to 1D2D, morphology and scripting.


Course flyer “SOBEK 3 – Advanced River Modelling

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