WANDA – Modelling & Analysis


WANDA is a powerful and user-friendly program for the hydraulic design and optimization of pipeline systems. wanda1Design engineers and operators use WANDA to study the steady and dynamic behaviour of liquid, heat, gas and slurry flows in arbitrarily configured pipeline networks. The software can be linked to other applications, e.g. for operator training systems or advanced real-time control. WANDA has been developed by Deltares (Delft Hydraulics), it is extensively tested, validated and designed for engineers by engineers.

wanda2This advanced course is intended for the more experienced users of the software package WANDA. It is tailored towards anyone who deals with operation of water distribution systems, as well as the design of such systems. This includes engineers, technical and project managers and controllers of water pipeline systems and process installations who want to upgrade their understanding of hydraulic modelling and surge analysis of pumping stations and pipeline system.

In this two-day course the focus is on various aspects of modeling, wanda3 such as:

  • Translation from real world to mathematical model
  • Discretisation & computational grid
  • Procedure phases
  • Numerical instability
  • Modelling pitfalls

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