WANDA – Real Time Control


The CONTROL Course is intended for the more experienced users of the WANDA software package. In this one-day course we focus on various aspects of the Control module.  You will learn how to model and optimise control systems in a hydraulic model. Wanda Control is ideally suited to design robust and stable control solutions and optimise operational scenarios.

wanda - controlControl module

  • Modelling principles
  • Overview Control components
  • Conditional control
  • Continuous control
  • PID control for pump and valve with start/stop conditions

Examples and Exercises

  • Control of booster pump
  • Commissioning Pumping stations with WANDA control (test with digital water)
  • User questions

WANDA is a powerful and user-friendly software program for the conduction of hydraulic and thermodynamic computations of stationary and transient flow regimes and the design of water hammer protection schemes and control loops in pipeline systems.

WANDA is amongst others used for:

  • Drinking water distribution systems
  • Waste water systems
  • Cooling water circuits
  • Oil, gas and process industries
  • Firefighting systems
  • District heating and cooling systems

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