Workshops are free to attend, but please do register via My Schedule (My DSD account)This page lists our workshops.

Preliminary program

Day Date Workshop Presentation
Monday October 26
Tuesday October 27 Data Science Workshop: Earth Observation Toolbox (Day 1)
Wednesday October 28 Open Source Pre- and Postprocessing workshop

Data Science Workshop: Earth Observation Toolbox (Day 2)
Thursday October 29
Friday October 30
Monday November 2
Tuesday November 3 Decision Making Under Uncertainty (day 1)
Wednesday November 4 …Decision Making Under Uncertainty (day 2)
Thursday November 5 Delft3D Flexible Mesh – Next Generation River modelling

MyDeltares – Compute as a Service: Delft3D Flexible Mesh

…Decision Making Under Uncertainty (day 3)
Friday November 6 Delft3D 4 – Open Source Hydro-Morphodynamics