Delft-FEWS – Advanced Configuration Course

Monday – Tuesday, 24-25 October 2016

Delft-FEWS is an open data handling platform, initially developed as a hydrological forecasting and warning system. Essentially, it is a sophisticated collection of modules designed for building a Forecasting, Evaluation and Early Warning System. Because of its unique characteristics concerning data importing, processing and model connections, Delft-FEWS has also been applied in a wide range of different operational situations. Examples are water quality forecasting, reservoir management, operational sewer management optimization, and water information systems.


This Advanced Configuration course is going in-depth into a number of topics in a new demo application which focuses on the North Sea. The topics which will be addressed are as follows: a quick rehearsal of some configuration basics concerning timeseries, general adapter and the model adapter concept. The new configuration topics are: importing and processing gridded datasets, a stepwise set-up of a D-Flow FM model of the Delft3D FM Suite for both hindcast and forecast, post-processing and visualisation of model/resultdata in several screens (Spatial Display, TimeSeries Display and Schematic Display) and applying statistical functions. At the end the Report module will be briefly covered. Most elements will be accompanied with hands-on exercises using the latest configuration features & tricks supported by the Delft-FEWS 2016.01 version. A demonstration and explanation of a Delft-FEWS ‘live system’ is also part of this course.

Objective of the course
Configuring a (demo) forecasting system based on Delft-FEWS with advanced elements.

This course is aimed at
Forecasters, Data Managers and Researchers.

• Delft-FEWS Introductory Configuration Course
• Time spent in working with Delft-FEWS Configuration(s)
• Basic experiences in applying Delft3D is a plus, not strictly required.

Additional instruction material

Delft-FEWS Model Adapter Configuration: Introduction XBeach example (part 1)

Delft-FEWS Model Adapter Configuration: XBeach example (part 2)

Delft-FEWS State-of-the-art

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