Python Scripting in Delft3D Flexible Mesh

Friday, 4 November 2016

Scripting within Delta Shell enhances the capabilities for running automated model batches, quickly recovering large amounts of data from multiple sources (including servers) and adding it to your models, or easily programming multiple runs (such as sensitivity analysis or model calibration). Additionally, it is currently possible to create libraries of definitions on which to continue developing new higher level scripts. These library scripts can also be easily shared.

The course gives the participants a general introduction to scripting within Delta Shell using Delft3D Flexible Mesh models as examples. During this course you will learn how to create scripts that enhance the workflow of modeling at all stages. You will learn how to set up a model, run a simulation, visualize the output and post-process the results. The participants get hands-on experience with examples of scripts useful at each of the modeling stages.


  • Scripting environment within Delta Shell
    Basic concepts of scripting will be explained. Useful features of the scripting editor: syntax highlighting of the code, auto complete, auto indentation, etc.
  • Data export and import
    Different methods to import and extract your data will be presented. You will be able to use various data formats from both local files and servers.
  • Access to and modification of a model data
    Participants will learn how to configure, modify, or access different model parameters (e.g. setting boundary conditions, roughness of the river bed, or bathymetry of the sea bed).
  • Generation and customization of charts
    How to create and modify charts to present model results and data. How to modify the appearance of the charts with different colours, line types, etc. How to export charts as figures that can be used later on in rapports or publications.
  • Addition of extra functionality to the Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    During this course participants will learn several ways to control and modify the GUI. Additionally, it will be introduced how to add new functionality to the interface.

Scripting video

Course flyer ‘Python Scripting in Delft3D Flexible Mesh‘.

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