SWAN – Wave modelling: Simulating WAves Nearshore

Wednesday – Thursday, 26-27 October 2016


For designing engineering structures such as breakwaters, storm surge barriers or levees, coastal engineers often need high-quality, detailed wave information as represented by the significant wave height, wave period and mean direction or the two-dimensional wave spectrum. For many situations, the phase-average wave model SWAN provides the required wave information. SWAN can be used as stand-alone application, but it is also included in the Delft3D 4 Suite as the Delft3D-WAVE module. Both ways are offered in this course.

Deltares Academy Brochure - SWAN - Numerical Wave Modelling - DSD-INT 2016-150x216Apart from teaching the relevant wave physics, typical modelling pitfalls will be discussed. You are invited to bring in your own SWAN-applications and modelling issues to be discussed with our experts. You will learn that SWAN can not be used as a simple black box model and that the set up of a proper SWAN model requires skills and insight in wave modelling in general and the SWAN model in particular.

Day 1, Wednesday 26 October (9:00 – 17.00 h)
starts with a general lecture on waves, followed by an introduction to SWAN. Next, the use of Delft3D-WAVE will be explained, with plenty exercises.

Program Day 1
•    General introduction of wave modelling, SWAN
•    Delft3D-WAVE GUI, exercises
•    Setting up a Delft3D-WAVE computation, exercises
•    Delft3D-FLOW and WAVE coupling, exercises

Day 2, Thursday 27 October (9:00 – 17.00 h)
is more advanced and requires some SWAN experience of the attendees. The focus will be on the physics and numerics of the model.

Program Day 2
•    Physics in SWAN, exercises
•    Numerics in SWAN, exercises

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