XBeach and Earth Observation – Advanced course: Assessment of Nature-based Flood defenses

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

 In this second course of the XBeach course programme, you will apply the XBeach model and Earth Observation tools to assess the performance of a nature-based flood defense.

XBeach with and without vegetationIt will be a hands-on session, in which you will make an analysis based on a case-study prepared with data from the EU-FAST project.

The development of the vegetation module in XBeach will be presented. Also the use of Earth Observation data to estimate vegetation properties (density, height, etc) will be demonstrated. These inputs will be used to drive the XBeach model to assess the effect that variations in vegetation has on overtopping and inundation of the hinterland.

FASTlogoThe course is based on results obtained in the EU-FAST  and EU-RISCKIT projects.

This course is designed for expert uses of XBeach.

This Advanced Course is a follow-up to the XBeach – Expert Course: “Morphodynamic modelling during storm conditions” that will take place on Monday, 31 October.

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