OpenDA – User Day

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The OpenDA has now reached a new level of maturity with the 2.3 release. The software is being applied in many different fields. We invite users and potential users of OpenDA to join our first user day. The meeting is intended for all kinds of users, so you do not have be an expert to join.

In the morning session several users will present their application, experiences and results with OpenDA. We have an interesting mix of calibration applications and Kalman filtering applications from various fields.

In the afternoon, we are aiming for an lively interaction of all participants. You can bring up your own experiences, suggest changes, ask for help etcetera. It would be nice if you can bring one or two slides showing your own application and ideas. We also want to work together on OpenDA this afternoon. You can bring your application and questions, or suggest topics that we can work on together. With your active participation we will make this first user day the start of a tradition.

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