User Days & Symposia

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This is an overview of our main events: the symposia and User Days. These events are set up to share experiences with your fellow modellers, researchers, etc in working with the software and specific applications.  In addition to cases presented by users themselves there are presentations on the latest software developments by our product experts.  Together they provide the optimal basis for inspiring discussions and knowledge advancement.

We ask your special attention for the Earth Observation and & Data Science symposium: it is at the forefront of the latest developments in data management tools & practices for earth observation, bringing you cases but also questions – vital discussions for this rapid evolving knowledge area.

This year we are proud to be hosting 4 User Days – 2 known and 2 new. You might know already of the successful, annual Delft3D and Delft-FEWS International events, but please have a special look at the new iMOD International User Day or OpenDA User Day – both featuring in the second week on Tuesday November 1.

Have a look at the 3 day program of the Delft3D User Days – “From global to local”, with daily themes:  Hydrodynamics, Sediment transport and morphology, Water quality and ecology.


Day Date Event
Monday October 24 Symposium 'Earth Observation & Data Science (day 1)
Tuesday October 25 Symposium 'Earth Observation & Data Science (day 2)
Wednesday October 26 Delft-FEWS – International User Days (day 1)
Thursday October 27 Delft-FEWS – International User Days (day 2)
Friday October 28
Monday October 31
Tuesday November 1 Delft3D – User Days "From global to local" (day 1)
OpenDA – User Day
iMOD – International User Day
Wednesday November 2 Delft3D – User Days "From global to local" (day 2)
Thursday November 3 Delft3D – User Days "From global to local" (day 3)
Friday November 4