Public Transportation

How to reach Deltares by public transportation

Please take into account that there is very limited parking place at Deltares campus.

Deltares is very easy to reach by using public transportation. We strongly recommend you to use the options that public transportation offers: train, bus or even bike (at every train station you can rent a bike with your OV-chipcard).

For the latest travel information please consult:

From Rotterdam Central Station 
• bus no. 40 (RET) direction Delft Central Station
• get off at bus stop “Vrijenban“
• duration circa 30 minutes

From Delft Central Station
• bus no. 40 (RET) direction Rotterdam Central Station
• get o at bus stop “Vrijenban“
• duration circa 11 minutes
• a circa 3-minute walk to the main entrance

From Delft Central Station (2)
• bus no. 69 (Veolia) direction Technopolis via TU Del
• get o at bus stop “Technopolis”
• duration circa 15 minutes
• a circa 10-minute walk to the main entrance

From Delft Central Station (3)
• by taxi, duration circa 8 minutes

From Delft-Zuid Station
• a circa 20-minute walk

By DAM Delft shuttle

Want to go quickly from station Delft-South to Deltares or back from Deltares to city center? The electric DAM Delft shuttle is an easy, quick and cheap way to get around in Delft. The shuttle is available from Monday till Friday from 8.00 until 18.00.

phone number: +316 – 21142987

costs: € 1,50 p.p. per drive of 0 – 3 km and € 3,00 p.p. per drive of 3 – 6 km. You can pay with PIN.

brochure DAM Delft Shuttle