Workshop Introduction to Cloud Computing

Friday, 4 November 2016, 09:00 – 12:30

Deltares is developing a Compute as a Service (CaaS) platform together with Nerdalize. The MyDeltares – CaaS platform gives Deltares software users the possibility to easily deploy large compute jobs to the cloud.

MyDeltares Workshop - Compute as a Service-564x341-20161010(2)


More data is available and models and software gain accuracy. This improves the quality of our simulations, but also asks for a large increase in computing power.

Internal clusters are often not sufficient to meet the required capacity. The cloud gives you the resources and flexibility to scale up when extra capacity is needed. But where to begin? Organizations that want to start with cloud computing find themselves asking:

  • How do I select the right cloud provider?
  • How do I budget cloud expenses?
  • How do I manage the risk?

In this workshop Nerdalize teaches you the basics of cloud computing. We give you hands on advice that will help you to make your move to the cloud. While keeping the control and flexibility your business requires.

MyDeltares - Compute as a Service - Delft3D Flexible Mesh

MyDeltares – Compute as a Service: Delft3D Flexible Mesh

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